Automatic trading orders are now available!

automatic trading orders

As JamonSwap evolves, its functionalities are more and more advanced, often matching those of centralized exchanges (CEX). One of these features is the ability to place limit orders, which offers more flexibility and efficiency to traders who use DEX.

Unlike a market order, which is executed immediately at the last price of market with a possible slippage; a limit order is executed at a predefined price in how much is achieved Market orders can be used by default in JamonSwap. They are simple and straightforward for easy access for beginners.

Automatic trading orders thanks to Chainlink

That is why we are proud to announce that we have reached a new milestone with the development of the programmable orders in our DEX. At first we are going to test the limit order both in beta and in tesnet and we will expand to other orders such as stop loss and take profit.

To achieve this we have had the collaboration of Chainlink and its Keepers system; getting involved and turning to us from the beginning putting their developers to work side by side with the JamonSwap development team.
On the part of Chainlink they have also carried out a thorough review of all the code; and have given the green light to start all this development and make it available to our users so the party doesn’t stop.

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