CrossChain at JamonSwap, a bridge between blockchains

crosschain jamonswap

JamonSwap has now available the new CrossChain, a bridge between different blockchains that allows us to expand services.

From today 31st May 2022 a new service is available in the menu of our website. It is a bridge between different networks. We have reached an agreement with Umbria Network to offer this new service to our users.

To do this you just have to go to the menu of and in the ecosystem part you will find the link CrossChain Bridge.

New possibilities with the CrossChain

At the moment we have the following bridges available between blockchains in both directions:

  • Polygon to Ethereum.
  • BNB Chain to Ethereum.
  • Avalanche to Ethereum.
  • Fantom to Ethereum.
  • Arbitrum to Ethereum.

It is possible that this list can be extended in the future.

If we have integrated this new service, it is also part of JamonSwap’s strategy. Since it will be necessary to make future MATIC deposits on the Ethereum network to participate in the Polygon NODE. So it was necessary to find a tool that would facilitate this task to future investors in the MATIC Node that we are preparing. And we hope to give you fresh news about it very soon.

Of course, you can make use of this CrossChain for any other need you may have.

You can already try it out at the following link:

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