Frequent questions

What is JamonSwap?

Jamonswap is a decentralized exchange that allows interoperability between users for the purchase and sale of digital assets (cryptocurrencies) quickly, safely and anonymously.

How to invest in JamonSwap?

Jamonswap has three different tokens of its own with its specific functions.

  • $JAMON: It’s the DEX governance token.
  • $JSHARE: It is the action token of the DEX, it will allow you to earn passive interest through the holding of Jshare in staking. These interests are derived from the total fees of the DEX.
  • $JUSD: It is the stable currency of the ecosystem. It will allow us to use a stable currency to buy and sell the various assets of the DEX. It also enables us to generate interest through the guaranteed loan of these JUSD to other users.
  • $STLP: It’s a token derived from liquidity.

All these assets, how other cryptographic assets are available in the trade, exchange section.

How can I get profitability?
  • Liquidity bonus: You can deposit your LP (Liquidtity token) in the incentive bonus system.
    Dipondremos de diferentes bonos con hasta x1,8 de su valor en $ a repartir de forma mensual en jamon. Además recibirás STLP para que puedas obtener Jshares.
  • Jshare: With our stake Jshare token you have the right to take the part corresponding to the commissions produced in our DEX. You will also receive $JAMON from the burning systems.
  • STLP: With our token derived from stake liquidity, you will be able to obtain Jshare from the market purchase of a part of the burning system.
  • Staking: You will be able to stake your $JAMON tokens and receive an annualized profit.
How can I stake my $Jamon?

You can stake your $JAMON tokens in the Pools section of the platform. First we have to give Enable/dispose and then put the amount we want to stake and confirm.

Are the contracts audited?

All our contracts have been audited by Solid Proof, in the following link you can see the audit of the contracts.