Humanitarian trip to Ukraine

viaje humanitario Humanitarian trip

The JamonSwap team ends the humanitarian trip to Ukraine! then we are going to tell you about our experience lived day by day to complete our goal of delivering food, clothes and medicines to those most affected by the war.

Wednesday, March 2

Collection of humanitarian aid at the Jamón Store in Valencia (Valterna) and transfer to the starting point in Castellón, excitement and nerves at the same time.

Farewell from the Levante team, with the support and affection of all colleagues, holders, investors and partners of Jamonswap.

Data 777

  • 7 countries
  • 700 kg humanitarian aid
  • 7000 km

Thursday, March 3rd

Slow trip and with many traffic jams, to cross the border to France, Italy.

Friday, March 4

In Hungary, heavy vehicles, some of them military, are already beginning to be seen on the road and the rainy weather does not help. Already near the border with Romania.

Saturday, March 5 end of the humanitarian trip

Romania, ya se nota el cansancio del viaje, apenas se descansa y se conduce con turnos de 4 horas, hay nieve y hielo de madrugada que retrasa el viaje. Por fin se llega a las 16.00 a la frontera con Ucrania.

We delivered humanitarian aid and medicines to NGOs in Luncavita on the banks of the Danube and very close to Odessa. We also confirmed the repatriation of 4 people (mothers and daughters) coming to Valencia by flight from Romania.

Job done, all that’s left is to come back and thank you for the effort,


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