JamonSwap launches humanitarian initiative with Ukraine

JamonSwap Ukraine

From JamonSwap we wanted to join the initiative already started by other organizations in search of helping Ukraine in the face of the conflict developed on these dates with Russia. We believe that given the injustices carried out in the recent invasion where the violation of human rights is reflected, ignoring and not denouncing the situation would be going against the values ​​of our brand and that is why we have developed this initiative with a view to help in any way we can.

Said aid will consist of the shipment of non-perishable products and medicines for the care of children and babies.

JamonSwap have associated a wallet from where we will make the purchase of these products to help Ukraine:

Wallet: 0x363a2381a4C8707C6c7107d0b865406bed90bD35

Wallet: TETHER


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