The JamonSwap’s Mascot

JamonSwap’s Mascot

JamonSwap’s new mascot has already seen the light, very soon it will be present in the merchandising, NFTs, advertising and brand image of our DEX and of all the promotional campaigns that we would carry out.

As you know the JamonSwap project is in constant development, we follow our roadmap. We are completing services and utilities.

And of course, we also like to take care of our image, last week we made some changes to the visual design of the DEX to make it more aesthetic.

Our mascot has also been born, this funny little pig who you would see in different poses and situation little by little as time progresses, would help us in everything related to the JamonSwap ecosystem.

A mascot for JamonSwap that does not yet have a name

mascota jamonswap mascot

We can’t have a pet without a name, but we don’t want to impose one on ourselves; so, we have launched a campaign on our networks and Telegram channel so that together we can choose a suitable name for a pet as important as JamonSwap’s.

Help us give it a name!

Very soon you will be able to see this nice little pig in many situations and supporting all kinds of services and documentation.


We know that in the community you really like the designs that we launched so far, and that there are already many of you who have a t-shirt. Very soon this new pet will also be able to be part of your wardrobe or to decorate that important corner of your home or office.


We can’t say much, but this piggy deserves to be registered on the blockchain and be part of the NFT community. And we could also give it some utility……

Guides and content

Our mascot will be present in the documentation and content of all our channels. And it will help to give a better understanding of, not only our ecosystem; but also, the crypto world in general.

Brand image as a mascot of JamonSwap

Of course, it will have more and more presence as JamonSwap’s mascot on our website and on the exchange’s website. As well as in the different services and DApps that we are launching.

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  1. Jsrod4 says:

    I’m here to long time, the market is cold, but #JamonSwap is on fire, no really like price is up, it’s because the #JamonArmy and every member of team are working every day to improve this project… #JamonSwap #JShare #JUSD

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