What are JUSD/JFLU?

The simplest possible stable coin basically consists of a creation/exchange token backed by a pool of cryptocurrencies. 
The user mints new units of stable coin “JUSD” by depositing $ in JAMON or other cryptocurrencies in the backing exchange and burning JUSD in exchange for $ in cryptocurrencies when withdrawing from the exchange of value.
We do not want cryptos from outside the ecosystem to be used, so JUSD can only be obtained with JAMON as a store of value.
This measure has been taken to make more use of our governance token, and also to get more jamones into the burning system, which will help to meet our well-known deflationary goal
We are working to make JAMON a rising value, so it can be very profitable for our holders and early adopters.


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How does it work?
The simplest system is the creation/trading system, i.e. the user deposits $JAMON into the safe haven exchange and collects JUSD for the same value. This has a problem especially with volatile currencies and that is that at the moment of depositing your tokens they have a price but they can go down as well as up. In the case that their value increases it is not a problem because if you deposit 100 hams at a value of 1$ and redeem for 1 JUSD, when you return your JUSD, Jamon has gone up by 10% and you will receive 90 jamones for the equivalent of 1$.
Now, if the price of ham drops by 10% when you return your JUSD and you want to recover your investment value, you would have 100 hams with a price of 0.9$. This problem is called “UNDERWATER”.
How can we solve the underwater?

Adding an overvalue to the safe haven exchange, so that there are always more Jamon tokens in the exchange than necessary to cover the value of JUSD.

And why would a user be interested in mining below value?
That’s why JFLU exists, during presale you will mint both currencies JUSD and JFLU. JUSD will keep its value stable and JFLU will have a variable value depending on the amount of JUSD distributed, the amount of Jamon in the safe haven bag and the value in $ of that bag of value.
JFLU has a higher volatility than Ham, so it can be interesting to have them, because in case of a rise of the native token (Jamon) your value will be increased in a higher proportion than if you were only holding Jamon.
What is the use of JFLU?

JFLU has a high speculative value, if you are betting on Jamon for the long term, JFLU is a must in your portfolio.

What is the use of JUSD?

You can use it for secure loans, purchase of settlements, lending platform, purchase of index funds (which include various cryptocurrencies with their value) and Forex (you can trade with cryptocurrencies to assets such as Gold, oil, FIAT money etc…).

Why is this necessary?

JUSD is needed on the platform to maintain the health of the ecosystem and to have easy access to a stable currency that is not dependent on liquidity external to our DEX.

What functions will it have?

You will have the option to participate in bonds with the JUSD/MATIC pair, x1.8 open during and only during the pre-sale period.
In this way, investors can make their JAMON contribution to the stock exchange even more profitable. You can use your JUSD to lend them through the app’s banking system, receiving fixed interest rates and no risk of non-payment. You can also lend them at an interest rate between 0.1% and 1% per week, for users who wish to leverage their position, eliminating the risk of default.