Jamonswap continues to achieve success. The team continues to break barriers and provide solutions to the limits found in the crypto market. On this occasion, Jamonswap has launched a new MARKETPLACE, but not the well-known NFT marketplace or similar, but rather a marketplace for companies. A showcase for all those companies that want to become aware of users of the crypto ecosystem, users who, on the other hand, are looking for services where they can make their cryptocurrencies useful. And not only that! This is where the Waynance universal payment gateway comes into play, compatible with all self-custody wallets. A service that allows us to accept crypto/crypto and crypto/fiat payments from the web (plugin) or physical (dataphone or app), in a comfortable way and eliminating third parties.

What is the process for the company?

The company (whether it is an online or physical company) only has to enter the jamonswap website and go to the Marketplace section to fill out a form. Once the form has been sent, the company will be listed in the market within 48 hours. In the listing process, one of our managers will contact the company to verify that it is a real company and, if so, will give you consent and provide you with all the Waynance gateway integration guidelines.

What is the benefit for the company?

The benefits for companies that are listed in the market are several:

  • The listing process is completely free.
  • The implementation of payment methods is managed via Waynance and is free unless special configuration is required.
  • The visibility of your business in a new market niche where many companies are joining.
  • The use of the gateway benefits in 1% extra commission for the company.

What is the benefit for the user?

  • The user can pay with any Wallet of own custody (Metamask, safepal…).
  • It has different Networks or tokens (it will depend on the business).
  • You can pay safely and instantly even with BTC.
  • If you have a Jamon token you can pay with them.

What benefits do I have if I bring companies?

Jamonswap has also thought of the user who collaborates with the integration of companies through its Bounty program, a rewards program that accumulates points for carrying out tasks to redeem for products, services on the market and can even be exchanged for Tokens. In addition, for each company added to the market, the user will be rewarded with 100 points ($50 value).

The company, when completing the listing form, should only put the email of their referrer (used in the bounty registration).

Remember that all the tools launched by Jamonswap are to generate constant burning of your Jamon token, this service is not different from the rest, the payment commissions are 3% that are divided into 3 parts: Waynance, company, Jamonswap.

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