JamonSwap Matic Node

matic node

You can now delegate your MATIC to the JamonSwap node on the Ethereum blockchain and get an APR of 8.5% (variable). In addition, 10% of the profits will be used to burn the JAMON token.

At JamonSwap we have set out to make our $JAMON token deflationary as soon as possible. Therefore, we would not stop launching products, services and DApps that help us achieve this goal.

Also, it is our desire to reward the entire community and that is why we share the benefits of our ecosystem. You already know that with J-SHARE you will be receiving lifetime rewards from DEX earnings.

Now you also have the possibility of obtaining more than 8% annual profit just by delegating your MATIC to our NODE.

Advantages of delegating your MATIC to the JamonSwap node

  • Benefit with variable APR: will depend on the amount of delegated MATIC, currently, it is around 8.5%. Most of the profit generated by the MATIC node will go to people who delegate their coins.
  • Flexible stake: There is no lock period so you can withdraw your MATIC at any time as well as the same benefits.
  • 10% of the profit generated will be used to burn $JAMON tokens.
  • Gas or stake commissions are paid in ETH, since the nodes work on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • You will receive a representative token for your contribution (JMS). This would serve as a proof of your investment in our node.
matic node

Tips for delegating your MATIC

  • If you already have MATIC on the Polygon network, it is easiest to use the official Polygon bridge to move them to the Ethereum network. As a JamonSwap user you can save the commission, join the Telegram group: https://t.me/MaticBridges and the team will explain you how to do it.
  • You can also buy MATIC on the Ethereum network, for example through UniSwap, but you will pay more commission than if you do it by the previous method.
  • Once transferred to the Ethereum blockchain, you only have to enter the following link: https://delegate.jamonswap.finance to make your contribution. For this you will need to have some Ethereum (ETH) to pay the fees.
  • And that’s it, in the link above you can keep track of the MATIC contributed to the node and the benefits they are generating for you.

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