Multicrosschain en Jamonswap

From September 15 something new will happen in Jamonswap, join us to find out.

We have the immense pride of expanding to new networks, because good ham does not understand networks but palates.

What does this new development consist of?

We will be able to offer exchanges between tokens from different networks, for example, one of the first networks to be deployed is BSC, so from September 15 users will be able to use their BNB, Cake etc … in Jamonswap. We will offer pools incentivized with JSTLP and these will deliver the benefits they are already giving, 0.1% of the Ham fees, 0.5% and 25% of what is destined for burning.

Which networks will be supported?

 As we have mentioned before, the first network to be deployed will be the BSC network, later other networks such as Avalanche (AVAX), KCC (Kucoin), OKX (OKEX) etc will come. Up to a total of 16 networks.

 Why is it remarkable?

There is no DEX on the market that offers 16 different networks on a single platform and that users can provide liquidity, make trades, make stakes and get all the advantages of DEX.

As a user will I be able to exchange tokens from different networks?

 Yes, with our multicrosschain system you can trade with tokens from other networks. Since the bridge is operational, the purchase, sale and exchange of tokens can be executed.

Will Ham be deployed in other networks?

Yes, our native token will be deployed in the different networks in which we offer the coverage, to encourage exchanges between different tokens.

Will this affect supply?

No. Because what the contract does is a WJamon, so the supply is maintained and it is not necessary to issue more ham to encourage liquidity, since for that the JSTLP is offered.

Will JSTLP give the benefits being in stake in other networks?

 SI, JSTLP will distribute the profits generated from the Dapps that are developed in the rest of the networks. In this way a JSTLP of the BSC network will deliver all the profits derived from the movement of the Dapps of said network. Can the router function be used on other networks? Not now, since that function is executed with Uniswap V3, but in the future it will be possible to use the router and communicate and share liquidity with other DEX, from different networks.

When is it estimated that the process of the 16 networks will be complete?

As we have mentioned, first this day 15 we will integrate the BSC network and then that of AVAX. We estimate that every two weeks a new network can be integrated so as not to interfere with other parallel developments. It should be noted that this also applies to Dapps, so that, if a Dapp from any of these networks wants to integrate into the jamonswap ecosystem, it can do so and will help reduce the supply of Ham. We believe that the future is the blockchain and the multi-connection between networks, from Jamonswap we not only believe it, but we work to give our users facilities and tools to be able to develop financially in the crypto world.

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